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  • The little guy vs the Big guy.
  • Personal Info
  • Payment Options
  • Processing times
  • Do you have...
  • Quality and fragrance
  • Lead-Free candle wicks
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLES)
  • Sample products
  • Do you have a catalogue?
  • Gel candle safety
  • Carcinogenic candles?
  • 100 % Natural Wax

    Q: The little guy vs the Big guy.
    There is a candle company in the mall. What's the difference.

    A: We aren't in your local mall but we can give what your candle mall shop can't:

    1. We provide fresh to order candles.
    2. We provide more of a variety than just jar candles and votives.
    3. You can have your candle the way you want. If you ask your local mall candle shop they will tell you "whatever is there is what we have". If you want a lavender-scented square candle in black...you got it! If you ask for lightly scented...you got it!
    4. We use premium fragrances and quality waxes and on average our prices are less expensive than the big name competition.

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    Q: Personal Info
    I'm weary about giving any information on the internet. Do you share your information with third parties?

    A: Your privacy is very important to us! All information collected at checkout is strictly confidential. We do not sell or share your information to anyone!
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    Q: Payment Options
    What type of payments do you accept?

    A: For retail orders we accept all major credit cards, debit cards, PayPal or Check/Money Order.
    If you wish to mail a check or money order make the check/money order payable to Nikki Makes Scents and mail to:
    Nikki Makes Scents
    P.O Box 1869
    Mineola, New York 11501

    Please note: Allow 10 business days for personal checks to be received and clear before orders are processed. Returned checks will incur a $30 returned check fee. Returned checks which remain unpaid will be turned over to the appropriate authorities. Your bank will be notified to have funds held until payment is made in full.

    Merchant Accounts and Credit Card Processing

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    Q: Processing times
    How long will it take to process my order?

    A: Nikki Makes Scents crafts most of our products fresh to order. Candles, Bath & Body, Gift Sets will be shipped within 3-4 business days after receipt of payment depending on the season.

    All in stock orders (perfume body oils, incense, candle holders, etc.) will be shipped immediately after receipt of payment depending on the season.

    Out of stock, special/custom or large orders may take longer. If so, an email will notify you on the expected ship date.

    If you are a registered customer you can track your order on our site by just logging in. It will tell you when the order was shipped along with the tracking number.
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    Q: Do you have...
    I'm looking for a particular scent; do you or will you have it?

    A: First browse through the over 600 scents we currently carry and you will probably find it. If not, we are always on the hunt for new exciting aromas. Our customers are our inspiration with great ideas. If you want us to mix a couple of our scents together we would be happy to. Just e-mail us your fragrance blend suggestion and we will try to make it happen.
    Drop us an email also if your looking for a particular scent. If it's a designer/brand, provide the brand (ex. DKNY, The Body Shop), and the application (in candles, in bath & body products, as a body oil); and we will let you know when/if we will add it to our line dependant on the demand.

    Q: Quality and fragrance
    Why do your scents smell so great?

    A: Some stores, unless they exclusively sell candles, buy their candles from overseas. These imports focus more on Quantity than Quality.

    Have you ever had a great smelling candle in the store, you buy it, bring it home, light it and can't smell a thing?
    Candle fragrances are the most expensive ingredient of a candle. Some candles are just dipped in a scent so the outside smells enticing enough for you to buy.
    Since candles burn in a tunneling/pool effect, you'll never smell the scent unless you put your nose up against it. Over time some candles may lose their scent. Many stores may have candle sitting on the selves for months.

    Nikki Makes Scents makes candles fresh to order. Paraffin candles are highly scented throughout with a great scent throw.
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    Q: Lead-Free candle wicks
    Why do you express that you only use lead-free wicks? Who cares.

    A: You should!!
    There are dozens of wick types that are used depending on the type of candle made. A wick can determine how long a candle will burn and how efficiently.
    I find that the wick is one of the most important parts of a candle because the wick type at one time (and not the type of wax) was a concern regarding safety.

    Lead-core wicks when burned, can give off harmful emissions to the most vulnerable (babies, pregnant women and the elderly) and might make one sick.
    For several years now, American wick manufacturers, candle suppliers and candle makers have voluntarily stopped making and using lead-core wicks and have switched to zinc or a tin-core for the safety of consumers. This was before any significant research was even done on the subject. Since imported candles do
    not have to comply with our standards, there were still many lead core wicked candles out there. In October 2003, the U.S. banned the importation of
    lead-core wicked candles.

    Suffice to say, since this ban is so recent there are still a lot of imported
    candles in the candle aisles of your local discount, drug and department stores (hopefully collecting dust).
    I personally have still found these candles in even the more upscale
    department stores.
    Nikki Makes Scents has always made lead-free candles.
    We use primarily a cotton-braided wick and sometimes zinc-core wicks.

    If the seller isn't sure what kind of wick it is and it's not displayed
    on the label as lead free, then don't risk your health.

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    Q: Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLES)
    Do your products have Sodium Laureth Sulfate in them and what is SLS?

    A: SLS/SLES is a detergent, wetting agent, and emulsifier. It is used in the majority of all "personal care" products used as well as other products; hand and body creams, laundry detergent, bubble baths, hair color kits, shampoos, conditioners, toothpastes, shaving cream, shower gel, facial cleansers, "baby wipes", "soapless" shampoos, dishwashing liquids and many others.
    SLS/SLES can strip moisture and oils from the skin. It is a degreaser as well as a sudsing agent. According to the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, and J. Am. College of Toxicology report, SLS can produce skin and hair damage, including cracking and severe inflammation of the derma-epidermis tissue. The denaturation properties can also separate and inflame skin layers. SLS has a "degenerative effect on the cell membranes" and SLS causes slight to moderate skin irritation in low concentrations, and skin corrosion and severe irritation in high concentrations with those with sensitive skin. Most people do not have these extreme reactions as it is a very popular ingredient; but I do like to make customers aware of the possibilities.
    Some of our bath products do use this ingredient unless otherwise specified.

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    Q: Sample products
    Can you send me a sample of your scents?

    A: All request to mail out free samples are not possible. However; we send free samples of our products periodically with orders and to wholesalers. We also have a monthly random drawing to win free candles if one leaves comments/suggestions in our guestbook.
    In addition; we provide hundreds of scent samples via candles, lotion and body oils for as low as $1.25 each!
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    Q: Do you have a catalogue?
    Can you send me a catalogue?

    A: In order to keep our prices reasonable we do not offer a catalogue. Our website is our catalogue.
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    Q: Gel candle safety
    I hear gel candles can explode. Is this true?

    A: I haven't had any experiences or found any pertinent evidence of exploding gel candles. There wouldn't be any reason for a safe well made candle to explode.
    The rage of the millennium, the clear jelly-like substance is so versatile it can be made to look like some food products and embedded with all sorts of items.

    Because of the broadening appeal of Gel Candles, they are also getting a bad reputation of more fires and "exploding candles".
    The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association did research on this growing rumor and found that gel candles are no more likely to cause fire than traditional wax candles and essentially found no real evidence of exploding candles.

    It's increasing popularity has also cause a growing number of gel "do-it-yourself" candlemakers with little or mis-information.
    Please be aware of some stores and candle vendors selling highly scented gel candles or flammable embedded items such as real candy, plastic, paper or flowers unless they are in a double glass.

    Nikki Makes Scents uses only gel-safe fragrances recommended by the manufacturer and tested and re-tested by us. We only embed with non-flammable items.
    We use glass, stone, shells, sand and/or mostly paraffin wax embeds.
    We take every precaution to make our products safe, by following guidelines and testing or products for safety.
    With all this said, one should always use caution when burning candles.

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    Q: Carcinogenic candles?
    Someone told me that paraffin candles produce carcinogens when they burn.

    A: Another scare tactics to steer you away from paraffin. This has nothing to do with the wax and everything to do with the wick and nothing to do with paraffin. This problem has since been rectified in the US since I started this business 9 years ago. In 2001 the EPA did a study on 100 sets of candles from various places that appeared to contain metal-core wicks. Of the 100, 8 sets contained lead core wicks and emitted lead concentrations. It was not stated in the study where the candles came from. Around this time, practically all U.S candlemakers stopped making candles with lead wicks and couldn't make them if they wanted to because most supply companies were no longer selling lead wicks and replaced them with zinc core. More than likely the 8% that was found were imported candles. Imported candles can be found almost anywhere from your 99 cents store to the more high end stores today. Again, this has to do with the wick. There is no mention of what type of wax, fragrance oils or dyes used. The emissions were not found in quantities large enough to pose significant health concern according to the EPA's findings. In fact many of the organic compounds detected fell WELL below The EPA guidelines for what would be considered a normal level. The EPA found that under normal use, candles did not pose a significant risk to the health of the consumer. The EPA study did however state that their primary health concern in relation to candles, was the importation of candles WITH LEAD CORED WICKS, and that lead cored wicks posed a significant risk to health and should be disposed of. The study also stated that Zinc core wicks posed no significant impact on health.
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    Q: 100 % Natural Wax
    I heard that palm, soy and vegetable wax candles are 100% natural and smoke & soot free.

    A: Yes and No. We can debate as to how soy is manipulated by man to make a wax just like petroleum is made but it's not worth it. There are great benefits to soy; one being it is grown from American farmers. Although; not all soy waxes are created equal. Most container waxes may be all soy but for soy votives and pillars the wax is simply to soft. Soy votives and pillars are made of a soy blend which probably includes food grade paraffin or another vegetable blend to make it hard enough to stand alone. Not all soy blends mix well or are strong enough with some fragrances and adding paraffin also helps with this as well. One also cannot claim to make 100% all natural container or pillar candle if one uses man-made fragrance oils or dyes.
    As for claims for a soot & smoke free candle. Where there is fire there is always smoke. One can say they burn cleaner because the smoke is lighter in color and not as apparent because of the wax. But a soy/vegetable candle can still emit heavy smoke and soot. This is contributed by lead wicks, improper candle care (like not clipping the wick) or to much fragrance oil; but not the kind of wax that is used. There is no such thing as a smoke free candle unless you never light it.

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